Jay Lauser - Founder
No name is known so well on Holy Worlds as that of Sir Emeth Mimetes. He is the only one whose name is cloaked in red, a symbol of his rank and power. For this reason he was given the nickname of the Big Red Guy. Jay is the founder and creator of Holy Worlds, the second highest poster, the first member, co-admin of Triterrus, and the leader and creator of the Council. He currently lives in Ireland with his family and a computer named DEEPblue.
Hannah Marie - Council Member
Hannah Marie, like many other HW members, originally found out about the forum on the Rebelution, where she is a moderator of some influence. She was formerly known as Lady Esmeralda and was the fourth to be voted on as a Council Member. She lurks behind the scenes, leading and training moderators and editors. She may not post much, but all those who work with her quickly learn that Hannah sees all.
Katie Daniels - Council Member
Katie Daniels is our beloved revolution starter and project pusher. She loves being busy, thankfully, since she is the go-to person to get stuff done. Her visionary and often radical project launching keeps us all busy as well, hence her nickname of 'Hurricane.' As one of our resident poets, her whimsical announcements are much enjoyed and laughed over.
Tim Ward - Council Member
Tim Ward has been very influential in the development of some of HW's more serious and long-term projects. He is the founder of the Holy Worlds Podcast, and has in the past led other members in setting long and short term writing goals. He also is responsible for the creation of the Herald's Hall, a place on the Holy Worlds Forums to discuss all the aspects of publishing.
Kaitlyn E. - Council Member
Kaitlyn may not have more nicknames than anyone on HW, but she certainly set the trend. She is known as everything from Kaitianna to the Mother Duck. Her username is Airianna Valenshia after the female protagonist of her first novel. She's the group leader of the Honor Roll Members, runs both the HW blog and the podcast, and has the somewhat unofficial honor of the highest post count on Holy Worlds Fantasy.
Brendan Hanley - Council Member
Brendan is the leader of the Marcher Lords. He was one of the original idea-ers of Triterrus, which he is now the head of. He has lived in Puerto Rico and Ireland, and has a passion for theology and ministry. His username is Inesdar Ternis on Fantasy, after the protagonist from his novel, and Lord Kalthu on Scifi. He has a reputation for being the most quoted member on Holy Worlds.
Aubrey Hansen - Marcher Lord
Aubrey is moderator at heart, taking after Carissa in more ways than her color. From the very minute she became a member she put heart and energy into HW and its writers. She's one of the leaders of HWSF, Assistant of the HW blog, Assistant on the Tritterus Earth team, and hostess of scifi's Challenge of the Month.
Varon - Admiral
Varon was one of the loudest voices calling for a science fiction branch of Holy Worlds, and he lived up to his desires. He helped a great deal in setting up the site, and when it was finished accepted the role of an Admiral, continuing to direct and improve. His promotion to HRM was spectacular, as his account was accidentally deleted, and had to be manually resurrected.