Poetry, a Giveaway, and a Free Book!

Ophelia – Marie Flowers has just published her newest collection of poetry, Colored Highlights And Drifting Shadows: Friendship’s Moments, and for a limited time, the e-book version is free on Amazon, so be sure to download it! Here’s the link: Free Book

In addition to this, Ophelia – Marie Flowers is hosting a giveaway with all sorts of prizes on her blog, and you can enter to win here: Giveaway

She has also shared an excerpt from her book with us. Enjoy!

Colored Highlights Drifting Shadows Friendship's Moments Poetry Flowers

“When something makes you happy, treasure it. Don’t hesitate to tell the people you love
what they mean to you. Don’t assume things will stay the same – but don’t let that make you afraid.
Let that knowledge fill you with passion to care…
If your moments are to become memories, make them worth remembering.
If you are to become a memory to someone,
may that memory point to Jesus.”


Loving And Being Loved
8/30/14 Age: 19

There is something so precious
In loving
And being loved –
And being held –
And being cared for –
And being trusted –
And being given to –
And being prayed for –
That is friendship…
Friendship is love
In one of its truest forms.
Deep friendship says,
“I see you
And I’m letting myself be seen
As I am.”
It says,
“I know you struggle –
I do too –
Let’s walk this life together
To carry each other’s burden
And encourage each other
Along the way.”
It says,
“Let us rejoice together,
Cry together,
Live in harmony
And learn to forgive.”
It says,
“I want to pour my life into yours,
Thank you
For being a part of mine.”
When you see that love,
Hold on tight
And cherish every moment of the blessing
God has given you
In that friendship.

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