Speculative Fiction Through Time and Space

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bookcover2I am pleased to announced that Speculative Fiction Through Time and Space is now available as one handy ebook collection for your reading pleasure! All posts are still copyright their respective authors, HW reserves only the publication rights. Please direct any questions regarding rights to the administrator. All proceeds from ebook sales go to the costs of running the forum and associated websites. If you are an author or contributor to this project and would like a free copy of the ebook please contact Katie Lynn Daniels.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to continue to read the posts in their original online form, please feel free to peruse the list of posts below or follow the “SpecFic” category tag. If you like what you read, don’t forget to check out the contributors’ other works!

Original Schedule

June 30– Speculative Fiction Through Time and Space – Katie Lynn Daniels
July 1—What is Speculative Fiction? – Kaitlyn E
July 2 – Curiosity: the Mother of Science Fiction – Aubrey Hansen
July 3 – A Small Guide to Jules Verne*giveaway – Rachel Kays
July 4 – SpecFic and Mythology – Joel Ball
July 5 – The Future of Christian Speculative Fiction – Joel Parisi
July 6 – After World’s End – Jeremiah Styles
July 7 – Fantasy and its Sub-Genres – J. Grace Pennington
July 8 – So You Wanna Make History – Lady Elanor
July 9 – Time Travel – Jesse Rice
July 10 – Author interview – Ryan Dunlap on the Wind Merchant*giveaway – Katie Lynn Daniels
July 11 – On Writing Historical fiction: challenges and rewards – Elizabeth Grace Foley
July 12 – Dragons on a Spaceship by Mark Coddington
July 13 – The Importance of Christian Science Fiction – Joel Parisi
July 14 – Historical Fiction; Why is it Speculative? – Zoe Scrivener
July 15 – Writing Fantasy: Thoughts on Magic – Ardyth
July 16 – Writing from a Visual Mindset – Becky Sharkey
July 17 – Review of Merlin’s Blade – Lady Katharina Mimetes*giveaway
July 18 – The Wardrobe Between the Worlds – Alyssa C.
July 19 – Finding the Unknown in the Known – Jessica Verve
July 20 – So… You Want To Be A Superhero? — Varon
July 21 – An Interview with a Supervillain Hunter – Aubrey Hansen
July 22 – On Writing Science fiction; challenges and rewards – J. Grace Pennington
July 23 – Author Interview – Molly Evangeline – Katie Lynn Daniels
July 24 – Release date for Heralds of Courage – Katie Lynn Daniels*giveaway
July 25 – Of Grime and Cogs– Aubrey Hansen
July 26 – The Villains of Horror – Jonathan Garner
July 27 – Gadgets, Gizmos, and Tech – Elizabeth Kirkwood
July 28 – Fantasy vs. Fairy Tales – Theodora Ashcraft
July 29 – In His Image – J. Grace Pennington
July 30 – A True Soul – Elizabeth Altenbach
July 31 – Peter’s Angel – Aubrey Hansen


(In no particular order)

Katie Lynn Daniels
Aubrey Hansen
J. Grace Pennington
Jonathan Garner
Elizabeth Altenbach
Elisabeth Grace Foley
Rachel Kays
Elizabeth Kirkwood
Kaitlyn Emery
Joel Ball
Joel Parisi
Jeremiah Styles
Lady Elanor
Jesse Rice
Zoe Srivener
Ardyth DeBruyn
Becky Sharkey
Lady Katherina Mimetes
Alyssa C.
Mark Coddington
Jessica Verve


Many thanks to the people who helped make this marathon possible!

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Katie Lynn Daniels
Jeremiah Styles


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  3. This looks interesting. I write SpecFic from a Christ-centered worldview. How would I learn more and/or get involved?

    My main focus as a writer is to bring back into view the truth that many the originators of the Horror Literature genre were Believers.

    Scáth Beorh


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