HW Authors

Luke Alistar

The Element of Surprise
The Unseen
The Offset Trilogy
Velvet’s Wings
By Starlight
Daughter of Thieves

Molly Evangeline

Pirates and Faith Set
The Pirate Daughter’s Promise
Every Tear
A Captain’s Heart
Finding Faith

Makilien Trilogy

Camille Esther

Tell a Tale Series
Royalty in Disguise

Bethany Faith

What Lies in the Dark
What Lurks in the Forest

Katie Lynn Daniels

The Tale of Pirate Shishkabob
Sanctity of Life
Supervillian of the Day

J. Grace Pennington

Firmament: Radialloy

Jay R. Lakewood

The Battlehost Trilogy

Aubrey Hansen

Red Rain

The Peter’s Angel Saga
Peter’s Angel

Robert Treskillard

Merlin’s Blade

Frank Creed


War of Attrition
Devil’s Hit List

Ophelia – Marie Flowers

Sixteen, So In Love With You
Zeal Aspiring

Sarah Nilsen

The Aldermeire Trilogy
Beyond the Walls

Heimdall Thunderhammer


Rebecca P. Minor

Wish Wary
Curse Bearer
The Windrider Saga
Divine Summons A Greater Strength

Samuel C. Starrett

The Last Flight of Captain Calder Scott

Jordan Smith

Finding the Core of Your Story: The Logline Book
A Purple and Gold Afghan (and other stories)

Randy Blackwell

Forgotten Portals
Rise of the Magi

Peter R. Stone

A Knight from Dein

Rebecca Jones

A Year with the Potters

Holy Worlds

The Sword and the Pen
Heralds of Courage


HW Authors — 5 Comments

  1. Here are my books so far:

    Black Fox In Thin Places (Emby Press)
    Dark Sayings of Old (James Ward Kirk Fiction)
    Children & Other Wicked Things (Kirk Fiction)
    Always After Thieves Watch (Wildside Press)
    Pirate Lingo (Wildside Press)
    October House (Emby Press, Oct. 2014)
    Blood: A Chronicle of Vampirism (Emby Press, Oct. 2015)

  2. Hello Elanor.

    I asked permission to be a part of Holy Worlds, but you are the first to respond. No, I am not, but would like to be.


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