History of Eldoth, P1

Hi I’m Brendan, and I’m here to post the my first post on this site. My world is called Eldoth and this is my first post about it.

Long ago there were nine races originally created by the Holy One, and they were charged not to disobey His command. But out of the nine only one of the races kept this charge and the other eight fell into the darkness of sin. To the only unfallen race, the Ailadiar the Holy One gave power over Eldoth, and to the fallen races the Holy One offered a covenant of redemption that should they follow the Holy One and love him they would be spared of their just punishment.
This was the age of the Ailadiar, who stood as shining beacons of light giving illumination to the dark world. They were a beautiful race, strong and powerful and under their perfect rule Eldoth prospered. But not all of the Ailadiar wanted to take part in this, some wanted more, though they looked perfect like the other Ailadiar they openly let the sin of greed and covetousness into their heart and none of their brethren even noticed.

The most prominent of these fallen Ailadiar was Merhios; he had been the first to let the lust for power into his heart, for he coveted Eldoth. The others who felt greed also were drawn to him and he took advantage of that. Soon he had a discipleship in following, and waited patiently for his time to strike.

Finally the time came and he called all the Ailadiar to one place, on the island of Valdera where stood the temple of the Holy One. He had told them it was about his growing urgency about the wars between men and dragons. Merhios was a trusted member of the ruling Ailadiar, and his calling could not be ignored.

Almost the Ailadiar were there both fallen and unfallen, and as Merhios spoke he told them of his plan for Eldoth and how he planned to become its sole ruler. The unfallen at the counsel were horrified and spoke out against this evil. But even as their words of protest left their mouths, Merhios ordered his following to kill them, unprepared many died. However many of the Ailadiar escaped the killing blow and fought. In the end, all the faithful present were dead and Merhios was left with five Ailadiar on his side. Blood stained the temple that day…

But then something happened Merhios did not intend, two Ailadiar had not been present, for they were late. These two Ailadiar, Eimandal and Anduran arrived, and when they saw the carnage that Merhios had wrought the sorrow and anger were beyond imagining. When Merhios saw them, he saw figures of unimaginable terror and wrath, his fear took a hold on him and he ordered his five battle them while he ran.

The battle between the five and the two was titanic; it leveled the very temple around them, reducing the Holy Site to rubble, in the end three of the five were dead and those that remained fled with their master.