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 Post subject: Various Refigurations
PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:41 pm 
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Critique, I pray you!

Defining terms:
Refiguration: something added to the original form of the human.
Alchemic: supernatural properties of a substance.
Thaumaturgic: supernatural properties of an action.
Shifting: the ability of a refiguration to disappear and reappear.

Bestial claws, instead of fingernails, that can shift. Or retractable claws beneath the nails produced from alchemic substances in the body: the fingertips are altered to produce the claws, and these alterations cannot shift.

Bestial teeth, like a dragon, lion, bear, or dog, but never the same as any specific animal. They can shift. Or retractable, bestial teeth, in front of the original teeth, or behind them, or multiple rows of teeth behind. There may be rows of teeth to the back of the mouth, or also down the throat, the tongue being replaced with an extension of the lower jaw that joins with the throat. The original teeth may also be bestial, or shift bestial, when the retractable teeth extend. Single rows of retracted teeth cannot shift, but multiple rows can shift.

Bestial body, bent, and knotted, but not like any specific animal, even in the most extreme cases. The bearer may seem smaller because of being crouched and bent, and because the muscles are smaller, and harder. It can shift.

Bestial skin, hard, thick, loose, and heavily wrinkled. The hair may be longer, and darker, or paler. It can shift, the hair growing longer and darkening, or blanching pale. While the hair may have patterns, the patterns do not correspond to any specific animal.

Bestial voice, a deeper, or more rasping voice. When provoked they may roar or snarl, or give a deep, guttural hiss, like a dragon, or a giant cobra. It is never the same tone as any specific animal. It can shift.

Bestial tongue: the tongue shifts, swelling and overflowing the jaw, and hanging down like the tongue of an ox, or dog, or longer, in rare cases hanging down to the ground. It may be broad or narrow. The tongue may be reddened, or darkened to a dark flesh color, or be grayed. It may have small, scraping barbs in it. It can shift, and is used for sensing alchemic smells, tastes, and vibrations.

A thaumaturgic wire (with an end sharper than a needle) may grow from the jaw and run through the center of this tongue, making the end of the tongue able to pierce. Other wires may grow from this central wire, the bare wire passing out of the side of the tongue to a great length, able to move in the air like a serpent, but vanishing into the central wire again if it is bent by an outside force.

A rare and powerful alchemy refigures the two feet into two more hands. The four hands and the face can be used to work all five elements simultaneously.

A rare seal of the head, where the head is turned to a hand joined to an altered spinal ending. In the extremely rare cases where this rare seal coincides with the rare ability to change the feet into hands, the practitioner will then have five hands. This is not necessarily more powerful than having four hands with the head, but it can be.The skull at the top of the head fitted / molded to the convolutions of the brain. It accompanies other refigurations, and cannot shift or be undone except by removing or reversing other refigurations.

Double breathing holes in the throat, back of the neck, or back, small like a wound from a snake bite, or large like the blowholes of a marine mammal. Alchemic calls and voices can be produced by them, and they may be possessed by a different spirit than the person that bears them.

An alchemic fount, or founts, in various places of the body, for releasing various alchemic fluids. They may be a pinhole, or group of pinholes, no larger or more visible than pores, all within a space that could be covered by a coin, or a nearly invisible slit, no longer than a lentil, and opening no larger than a flies eye. Founts may be on the side (anywhere on a line down the side from the armpit to the hip-bone), on the breastbone, the throat (the entire throat except on the backbone), below the navel (on a line from the navel to the pubic bone), in the back of the knee, in the inside of the elbow, under the fingernails, or inside the head, releasing through the mouth, nostrils, or tear-ducts. Except sometimes on the two sides of the throat there are never any external founts next to each other.

Founts may discharge involuntarily in various circumstances. Those within the head and under the nails in particular may discharge when the person is under thaumaturgic strain. When those under the nails discharge through excessive strain, the nails may split and crack. A person may sweat alchemic fluids, or it may pour from certain parts of their skin profusely. Alchemic fluids are often produced from alchemic energy, thus a large amount may be produced without depleting the body. Some are able to spray alchemic fluids from their mouth, nostrils, or eyes.

Hairs of flesh, which are as thin as hair, and each individual strand ends in a hair. The most noticeable difference from hair is that it is red like the lip, or sometimes skin toned if the person has very dark skin. It does not shine like hair. It is as hard as hair, but far less stiff, hanging like threads, unless it is cold, or the person is tense, or afraid. However stiff it is, it is never curly. When it is cut, or broken, there is pain like when a hair is pulled out, and if much hair is cut there might be a moistness of blood. The flesh hair can blanch or flush. There can be swellings on it, like dew on spider’s web, if it has serious boils.

It cannot shift. It grows back if it is cut or broken. It may be as long as hair, with the hair as long again growing at the end. It may grow further down the neck and on the upper back. It is sensitive to touch. It accompanies other refigurations. It usually has no particular alchemic significance.

Transparent hair, so fine that an individual strand would be all but invisible and intangible, anywhere on the body (particularly the head and hands), in men or women, including places where other hair is scarce, and underneath other hair where other hair is long; it may even include the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, but this does not hinder the use of the hands or feet because of how fine the hair is.

It can be like fetal hair, or a layer of hair shorter than the width of a fly’s wing, so that it seems to be a layer of dim, soft, light spread over the skin. It may grow long, even as long as other hair, in rare cases. It cannot be used thaumaturgically, but it often accompanies refiguration. It cannot be cut off or destroyed without destroying the skin that it is on; sometimes it disappears if a refiguration is removed, but sometimes not. It cannot shift.

Sable skin, coal black - different than dark skin pigmentation, skin red as if from a sunburn, or skin that is unnaturally pallid and white. The entire skin, or only in a streak or patch of skin, on the fingertips, palms, tops of the prominences of the hands, ears, tops of the convolutions of the ears, lips, eyelids, nose, or around the nostrils. The hair of this skin may be more erect, or more flattened, and may be lengthened and multiplied, or diminished, or gone entirely. The hair may be able to be raised like the feathers of a bird. Sometimes the hair is darkened, or made paler and thinner, or remains unchanged. This skin may be permanent, or it may appear or grow greater when in some kind of situations.

Very red lips, blood red lips, and the tongue and inside of the mouth blood red; the lips may be also fuller and heavier. The lips, mouth, and tongue, may be dark red, to nearly black. Alchemic liquids may exude from every reddened surface.

Darkened and softened eyelids, and darkened and softened surroundings of the eyes, like a black eye, or dark circles from having little sleep. It may be faint, or nearly black; it may be small areas, or nearly touching in between the eyes.

If a someone is under intense thaumaturgic strain or alchemic burden, fine traceries of veins may appear in their skin, like a bloodshot eye.

A sign of advanced alchemic starvation is bloodshot teeth.

All soft parts of the body reduced, giving an emaciated, skeleton like appearance. The skin may not be changed at all other than being drawn tight, or be exceptionally fine and flawless. They can be beautiful, though unnatural. They are naturally weaker in strength, but very hard to harm. Related to their greater resistance to harm, they are often able to strengthen themselves (without gaining muscle mass) to a vast degree, and mentally or alchemically strengthen themselves as well. They are tall, short, large, small, broad, or narrow, more often than other people, though they often seem taller and smaller than others because of their extreme leanness.

Alchemic skin. This skin is thin and tough. It may be tightened, or loose like an animal’s skin; darkened as if by ash, or pallid and transparent; gray, burnt or earth like brown, or sulfurous yellow; stringed like cloth, or unnaturally smooth like a bat’s wing; dry as paper, or always moist with alchemic liquid; with stiffened hair, or hair limp, in profusion, or diminished; may feel like silk, soil, or bone, to the touch; with prominent and sometimes discolored veins, or seemingly absent of veins. Lines, slits, cracks, and grooves, may open in it, temporarily or permanently, which may be lined with raw flesh like new wounds, and exude alchemic liquids.

There may be scars and bruises, which may or may not be painful to the touch, and may be large and extensive: scars and bruises without cause, as though the skin was taken from another being that had used it. The skin, or certain parts of it (wounds, openings, etc.) may sense things of the spirit by pain, tingling, a creeping of the flesh, or the sensation of a phantom touch.

The skin may shed like serpents skin or in flakes, regularly, or in childhood and puberty, or after heavy, thaumaturgic strain. Protuberances like buried ticks may be in it, either being a certain kind of alchemic tick, or something like a scab.

Fine lines may divide alchemic skin into scales, no larger than lentils and often smaller. They may be roughly hexagonal, or like a spade, shingle, or incisor. Their surface may be rougher or smoother than skin, and may be wrinkled, pinched, or covered in miniscule thorns. They may be rimmed or darkened with a coal color, or baked earthenware dark browns and reds. Hair grows on the scales unchanged, or thicker and longer, with raised and hardened follicles. The scales may be covered in a dense hair so short that it is nearly invisible.

Alchemic skin may be a second skin, underneath which is an infant like skin, with lanugo hair. The alchemic skin may be had from birth, or the adult skin may turn to alchemic skin: the underskin is formed - if it is formed - after the original skin turns to alchemic skin and separates from it. When shedding, the underskin may first turn to mature alchemic skin, or there may be a period of time when the person is greatly reduced, as if by sickness, until the skin matures. With care, an alchemic skin may be removed from the underskin without killing the bearer, even if it was not meant to shed, and the underskin may mature to non-alchemic skin. Shed skin, or skin taken from the bearer, is used in thaumaturgy.

Alchemic skin is often in conjunction with all soft parts of the body being reduced, giving the bearer a skeleton like appearance. Alchemic skin may also look very like common skin, or with something only slightly off about it. It can sometimes shift.

Streaks, lines, or patches, of tan, black, ash gray, white, or sulphurous yellow dust or hard, and sometimes stringy, crust. May be on and around a part that has been involved in thaumaturgy, or on or around a wound, or a bruise, or where a bone was broken, even after it has healed or become a scar. Sometimes associated with alchemic skin. It may crumble away of itself, otherwise it is painful to remove, and eventually regathers on the red stinging skin. It cannot shift, even if the alchemic skin it may be associated with can shift.

A fold of skin from wrist to ankle, from ankle to ankle, and from wrist to neck, full enough to make an approximate pentagon of the body. There may be membranes between the fingers as well. Only occurs with alchemic skin and some bodily refiguring to accommodate it. It is used in thaumaturgy in various ways, and also for gliding like the draco lizard, or flying lemur. They are also used to swim. They could wear light clothing tied down at the wrists and ankles. May be referred to as alchemic wings. It cannot shift.

A heart in the center rather than the left. Two hearts side by side, or one above the other. Also three, four, or five hearts.

A tubular heart along the spine, as in many insects, or a branching heart, with few or many branches.

A second spine connected with the first spine as a collar around the throat, and it proceeds downwards in front of the throat, and ends in the pelvis in front as does the first spine. The ribs pass from the first spine to the second, and there may be ribs down to the pelvis in some cases. These people cannot bend forwards or backwards except at the hips.

Three spines: the spine parts into three at the head, and two spines rejoin below the thorax, or at the pelvis, and between the two spines the third spine tapers to an end before the two rejoin. The third spine is suspended in a network of powerful muscles. With some it is a weak point, but with some (who perhaps have the perfect form of it) their back is their strongest point, like an alchemic shield, and they may form a phalanx with their backs, or curl in a defensive ball.

Some bear three spines, two of which go down on either side of the chest. The spine in the back may be parted into three, with two more down the sides, making five spines.

Some bear a second ribcage guarding the throat.

People with spines refigured this way may also have flattened ribs like armor slats, like the two-toed sloth. The spines are used in controlling, gathering, and sending out energy. They cannot shift.

Alchemic giantism, alchemic dwarfism, and alchemic homunculism (people smaller than dwarves, some being as small as an insect). There can be greater distortion of proportions, or none at all. It can sometimes shift. Both giantism and dwarfism are almost always associated with alchemically increased physical virtue (strength, agility, resilience, and so on). In the homuculus this is to the degree that many homunculi can outrun a flying insect, and leap over a house.

Some subtle changes in face and build may be from birth, or developed later. They may be too subtle to be defined though it gives a person a distinct air, while other times it may be as pronounced (though as subtle) as the difference between two family bloodlines, between different nationalities, or between men and women. It may also be as noticeable as the effects of Down’s, Prader Willi, Hurler, Hunter, or Williams syndromes.

What do you think?
What parts stand out to you? Does it give you any ideas? Do you have a question about some part? Does any of it remind you of something?

Please critique!

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