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 Post subject: Kalamau
PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:23 pm 

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I created these for the writing challenge this week. They exist in the world of my NaNo 2012, Gemini City.

The kalamau closely resemble very large house cats. They are typically about two feet tall at the shoulder and four feet in length. Most species of kalamau found in the wild lack tails, but the breed that has been domesticated has tails of an average length of a foot and a half. Domesticated kalamau also tend to have longer fur than their wild counterparts. The color and pattern of the fur varies from species to species, but they are typically neutral colors such as brown, black, gray, or white. Eye color ranges from orange to yellow to green, and like cats, they have slit pupils.
Kalamau are generally crepuscular (active during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk), although some species tend more toward the diurnal or nocturnal side. Their natural habitats include forests (particularly near meadows) and grasslands.
Kalamau are carnivorous. They will eat anything they can catch and kill and have been known to scavenge. They have retractable claws, sharp teeth, and jaws capable of locking on and not letting go. As a general rule, kalamau hunt alone. However, it isn't uncommon for them to form family units that live together even if they hunt separately.
They are a calm, unaggressive species, except for when hunting, when they will fight creatures even twice their size for a prey they've claimed. They dislike crowds due to a low-level telepathic and empathic ability. They are unable to use that ability aggressively, but it works to warn them of other predators in the area and helps them find prey as well.
The only known kalamau in Gemini City and the surrounding area are domesticated ones, and in the City of Day, it is illegal for anyone but the oligarchs to own them. The oligarchs keep them both as pets and bodyguards; it's difficult to hide one's intentions of murder from a telepathic and empathic creature.

You have blue skin with orange polka dots. Four eyes, one red, one yellow, one green, and one blue. You have four arms, two are furry and two are scaly. One ear is a floppy dog's ear and the other is a pointy dog's ear. Your hair is a mess of tentacles. You have the body of a centaur, with four wings and two tails (both with feathers on the end). Two wings are pink. The other two are green and black, respectively. You have a row of sharp spines going down your back (very sharp). You also hiccup rainbow bubbles... ~Vili
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 Post subject: Re: Kalamau
PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:06 am 

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Neat creature. :D

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 Post subject: Re: Kalamau
PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:18 pm 

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They sound really neat. :D

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