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 Post subject: Re: Theological Insights for Race Creation
PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:34 pm 

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Blayne B. Trent wrote:
Well, I have Elves, sort of like angels, my Dwarves are sort of like preachers. Then my Nymphs take care of the plants. :D

I don't know why this made me laugh, but it did. Angels, preachers, and gardeners. That's awesome. :D

Mimetes the Seer wrote:
Ok, those of you who have looked at my Intense Race-Fractalling System might recall that the first phase was inspired by this particular principle. However, I have recently decided that it was proving more of a hindrance to the system than a help so I expunged it from IRFS 2.2. And I decided since the responses to this thread indicate that some would still be interested in tools for developing their races from a more spiritual perspective that I'd post that part of the old fractalling system here so that those who wish can still play around with it.

  • God’s Purpose
    Here we look at God’s plan for the races of your world, and specifically for the race currently being fractalled. Now this was one of the bigger flaws of the original IRFS, it presupposes that each race in your world was at creation assigned an individual purpose. This may not be the case. For instance, when God created all the diverse plants, birds, fish, and animals they all had basically the same mission statement, “be fruitful and multiply”. Only the human race was given different instructions. So it’s not wholly inconceivable that God might make various individual sentient races and give them all the same basic purpose. So maybe all your races were created with the same basic purpose, or maybe each had a unique role to fill. This is where you can play with that idea.
    • So first off, do all the races share a common purpose given by God?
      • What is that common purpose?
      • Is it a common purpose that all the races were meant to fulfill together with each race playing a specific role?
      • If so, what role was the race in question meant to play?
      • Or was it a purpose that each race was meant to fulfill in its own way?
    • Do any/all of the races have individual purposes to fulfill and if so, what is your race’s purpose?
    • What specific attributes of God does your race uniquely reflect and how?All of creation reflects his nature according to Romans 1, and according to Genesis the human race was actually made in his image. One race made in his image. So if there are various races in your world, a fun option is to imagine that while they all reflect his image equally, each race reflects different attributes of God differently from the other races. So are there any of God’s qualities that your race reflects uniquely from the other races, and if so what are they and how are they reflected?
    • What kind of relationship did God envision for the races (and your race specifically) to have with the other living creatures in this world?
    • What kind of relationship were the races of your world (and your race in particular) meant to have with the environment?
    • What kind of relationships were the races in your world meant to have? We touched briefly on this earlier with the idea of a mutual purpose that all the races work together to fulfill. But even if you choose not to take that route, this is a good point to consider. What relationship was your race meant to share with the other races?
  • The Fall’s Impact
    Ok, so we have a working picture of how things should be with your race. Now we’re gonna look at how things actually are with your race. Regardlessly of how theological/”allegorical” you get with your worldbuilding, it’s pretty much a given that your writing about a fallen world. So we’re gonna look at some of the major impacts the Fallen state of your world has on your race(s). This is another place I went a little overboard with in the original IRFS, so I hope to restrain myself this go-around and only delve as far as is useful. For instance, the first few questions in the old system asked about the circumstances of the Fall, but as fun as those can be, you can actually have a functioning world without knowing those details.
    • What physical afflictions does your race deal with as a result of the Fall? I mean, death and decay are the obvious ones for mankind and most races, but were there any unique physical imperfections your race is plagued by?
      • Are there any genetic disorders common/unique to your race?
      • Are there any birth complications/disorders common/unique to your race?
      • Are there any diseases(think viruses & bacteria) that your race is more susceptible to than other races? Are there any that only your race are vulnerable to?
      • Similarly, are there any diseases/injuries that are fatal only to your race, or more so to your race than to other races?
      • Are there any types of injuries your race is especially prone to?
      • Are there any physical disabilities common/unique to your race?
      • Are there any signs of aging common/unique to your race?
    • What role does your race play in the world? This will be further explored by other perspectives, but for now look at the role that your race was made to play and determine the role they actually play. For example, we were told to multiply and to rule over the earth and all its creatures, and look at how we’re doing at that.
    • What are your race’s relationships with the other races in your world like? Again, we’ll dig deep down into this one later on and this step is meant as a comparison. What should relationships among your races be like? And What are they like in actuality?
    • Aside from the obvious separation from God and spiritual deadness and so on, are there any spiritual problems/ailments/defects unique to your race? In a related manner, how did the Fall impact the "likeness of God" that your race was made in?
      • Are there any temptations unique to your race or any that your race is more susceptible than other races?
      • What are emotional problems common/unique to your race? For example, anger, depression, anxiety, hedonism, and apathy are pretty common to the human race.
      • Similarly, are there any psycho-emotional illnesses/disorders common among/unique to your race?
      • Are there any mental/emotional handicaps common among/unique to your race?
      • Are there any Cobhaic problems unique to your race? If your race has any special abilities unique to them apart from the other races (or simply unique from our race), think about how those abilities were meant to work and how they actually work. Or from another angle, are there any effects of the Fall on your race (or your world for that matter) that would be physically/scientifically impossible in our world?
      • What is your race’s relationship with the rest of creation like? In Genesis 3 we see God curse the ground so that Adam (and all mankind) would now have to work for their food. But in Genesis 9 when God gives man permission to eat meat, we see a further rend in mankind's relationship with creation as God places a fear of man in the hearts of the animals. So are there any nature-related problems unique to your race? Are there nature-related problems common to all the races of your world? This step may overlap some with the cobhaic effects. But remember, look at what life in the created world is supposed to be for your race and compare it to what it’s actually like.
      • Similarly, what kinds of relationships does your race have with the other living creatures of the world?
  • Redemption’s Work
    So we’ve seen God’s plan for your race and Sin’s corruption of your race, now we’re gonna look at how His redemptive plan set things back on track. I’ll throw in the disclaimer here that this step will mean more to those whose worlds are more allegorical and mimic ours in terms of spiritual history, with a clear-cut Fall and clear-cut Redemption. But with creativity, it should be able to be adapted to less allegorical worlds. I think one of the biggest things to remember on this step is that in our world the largest signs of redemption are spiritual and in a sense behavioral. The best results are yet to come, and I suspect that in your worlds God would probably follow the same principle. That’s part of the reason why this step is so brief in comparison to the others. But hey! It’s fantasy, so feel free to be imaginative!
    • Are there any notable physical differences for redeemed members of your race? Keep in mind, that on a whole, there really aren’t that many for us human Christians (exceptions being miraculous healings and such, but that’s a different discussion altogether). I have a feeling that for many of you any physical signs of redemption will be closely tied to the Cobha of your race and we’ll get to that in a moment.
    • Does redemption impact the unique cobha of your race?Think back to the previous step where we asked about the effects of the Fall on your race’s cobha and think about how redemption undoes that harm. Also, does redemption impact your race in a manner that would be impossible in our world?
    • Does redemption impact your race’s relationship with the creation or its creatures in any unique ways?
    • Are there any physical or cobhaic abilities/traits that will be rendered unnecessary in the Final Redemption?

I know that might seem a little shallow, but you got to remember that originally it was intended to be only one of four stages in developing your races. And admittedly the redemption section leaves a lot to be desired. :roll: But either way, here it is and I hope it helps. :D

This right here is amazing. I love it; thanks for even coming up with something like this. I sometimes think I could/would write out creation systems like that, but then I distracted writing the story itself.


"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.~ Ephesians 6:10-11

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