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 Post subject: An Essence-based Magic System
PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:10 am 
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Yes, yes, I'm well aware that this could just as easily go in the Essence forum, but I thought it works better in here. So there! ;)

This actually the predecessor to the random system I posted earlier. And I actually know which world this one goes in and even who uses it!!!!

This is the type of magic used by the Fayes (or fairies, or whatever I eventually decide to call them) in my world of Lorica. You see they naturally have a cobhaic bond with nature, glamour, and an innate affinity for perceiving and working with Essence. This last one has a dramatic impact on how magic works for them as a people. For them, each spell is like an Essence map where you list metaphors/elements that describe the overall Essence of your desired result. And like Essence mapping, the sophistication and styles of syntax for such spells would vary greatly throughout the world.

One of the key concepts of this system is that the less defined and structured a spell is, the more you must focus on envisioning the exact result you're aiming for, otherwise the spell could have a very different effect altogether and cause all kinds of trouble.

For instance if you wanted to enchant a sword to enhance it's strength, sharpness, ability to pierce/cut so you said:
...An ancient mountain
...The glare of the sun
...A roaring inferno.

Well, if you didn't have the precise effects you wanted each Essence to have, you could say accidentally trigger a volcanic eruption, blind/age/whither a bystander, or ignite a blinding forest fire.

To hedge against such accidents, usually even the simplest of spells specify what particular quality of each Essence involved in the spell you wish to invoke. So the spell for your sword would more than likely look more like this:
...The unbending strength of an ancient mountain
...The sharpness of the sun's blinding glare
...The piercing blaze of a roaring inferno

Granted, you still have to hold in your mind how you want each quality directed or else the sword might turn into a flaming sword, but at least you don't have to worry about any volcanoes erupting. ;)

From there of course spells get more and more intricate focusing on guiding the magic as to how to specifically direct the invoked Essences to render the magician's desired outcome. The more mental power you invest into crafting the spell beforehand, the less that will be required to actually cast it. Actually, that's one of the basic principles for all magic in Lorica regardless of which race or system is being used. Magic in Lorica is guided by will/belief and so you either focus all your will on guiding it to produce the desired results or you create mnemonic shortcuts (aka spells) for your will so that the magic will do your bidding without all the visualization and concentration. Very important for magicians working under duress.

So there you have it! The Essence-based magic system used by the Fayes of my world Lorica. What do ya think?


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 Post subject: Re: An Essence-based Magic System
PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2014 5:05 am 

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:book: Niiiice :D I like it. :cool: well done!

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