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 Post subject: Guild Tomes: A lesson On Sparks
PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:53 am 

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Guild Tomes: Sparks
So your first thoughts on Guild Tome when hearing it is a Fantasy series might be"The Bible is clear magic is not allowed for Christians, why do your characters have magical powers?" and the answer is simple.


The powers my protagonists have are not magical, there are no spells, no rituals, no rites performed and no spirits are involved, No...Magic!

The powers used by the adventurers of Graith come from a naturally occurring (In this fantasy setting) organ in the brain that randomly becomes one of the seven types of Sparks.

PALADIN SPARK: Granting a wide range of powers both physical and energy based most notably a combination between the two called a "Spark Strike" and powerful healing abilities. The Paladin Order is historically Knights but are largely influenced by the various countries in the land of Graith but all are charged with defending the Church, the people of Graith and the Law Of God.

WARRIOR SPARK: The Warrior Spark gives massive increases to a person's strength, Toughness, Agility and reflexes, anyone born with spark is a natural born fighter and can reach such level of martial skill that a Martial Artist type warrior can punch through a shirt of Scale Mail with their finger leaving wounds like daggers and a Warrior who takes on the mantle of a knight can turn a giant's club with nothing more than a twist of their wrist as they parrying it with their longsword.

REAVER SPARK: The Reaver Spark increases strength, toughness, aggression and size to enormous levels turning the person born with them into living wrecking machines ideally suited to the task of confronting the giant and vicious beasts and monsters than roam the world. A Reaver is so naturally suited to fighting foes that tower over them that they actually instinctively know how to deal more damage to large foes and to instinctively avoid damage from them as well.

SEEKER SPARK: The Seeker Spark grants the person born with it advanced focus and and senses, sights, sounds, odors and touch is all magnified and speed of mind and body increase as well giving a Seeker a matchless natural grace and quickness they use to good effect as Hunters, Trackers, Bounty Hunters and Sharpt Shooters. A Seeker will notice footprints others will over look and can hit targets other adventurers could never hope to and often employ the help of a faithful pet such as a Hunting Dog, Wild Cat or some other manner of creature to help them track and bring down prey.

TINKER SPARK: Those born with the Tinker Spark will one day gain enough knowledge to effectively build and operate advanced weaponry such as Assault Carbines, Spark Guns and War-Saws or perhaps craft and command Auto-matrons, robotic servants to fight and work on your behalf or some still will go on to brew great and incredible concoctions with mutagenic, healing or ability increasing side effects.

SAGE SPARK: Sages are born with a spark that can grant the most diverse powers of any spark, a Sage can develop powers ranging from manipulating the elements to changing their shape and more. Sages are able to fill any position a adventuring company might need as they can develop powers that can both kill and heal, defend or make vulnerable and even summon a willing creature called a "Minion Monster" to their side and help them in battle...so long as the provide them with a cozy place to rest in between battles.

AGENT SPARK: The Agent Spark is rare and grants those born with it Graithian Psychic abilities including Telepathy and Telekinesis to start off and stronger abilities can be learned later. Agent abilities differ from typical psychic abilties, their Telepathy rather than invading the mind of the subject instead reads the electric signals given off by the brain and decodes it like one reads braille and any Agent would roll their eyes if asked to read a calm and might arrest someone for asking them to contact a deceased loved one as it is considered necromancy and defiling the dead in Graith. All Agents act as the special police of Graith and most who adventure are trying to build int he field experience so they can return to the Agent Order in hopes of moving up in rank.

The powers in Guild Tomes are more inline with the powers in X-men comics or John Carter, just different genetic make up, the characters are born with them, magic comes from outside, these powers are natural for the characters and are more of a scientific attribute.
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