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 Post subject: Guidelines for Discussions in the Magic Forum
PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:01 pm 
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Hello all,
 It's come to the attention of the forum team that several of our threads on "magic" tend to repeat themselves as new people come in and share ideas that others previously posted, making for very long, very cyclical threads. In all fairness, each person has expressed their ideas uniquely; however, if you read through the entire thread you begin to see how similar most people's ideas really are. Also, the 'Magic' forum, like the other forums was set up not merely as a place for philosophical discussions on the use of magic, but as a place where members can talk about how magic works in their worlds. I think a lot more of the former has taken place than the latter.
 In hopes of remedying some of the repetitiveness, here are some steps that have been and will be taken:
  1. The two longest and most cyclical threads have been locked. You may no longer post in them.
  2. Trained electric eels will be unleashed in the 'Magic' forum that will electrocute anyone who starts a discussion that could lead to more repetitiveness. OK, not really :), but the mods will be watching your posts and may warn you if they feel your discussions are heading down the spiraling path. If they do so it will be in the most gentle and loving of manner out of a desire to see discussions move forward in the forums, not out of a desire to offend or control you.
Those are some of the steps we are going to take towards curing the redundancy of the 'Magic' forum. But without the members being on board, those steps are kinda pointless. Here some guidelines of things YOU can do to help keep our forum nice and tidy :D:
  1. We encourage you to read (or at least skim) through previous posts in a topic to see if somebody else has already presented a position similar to yours
  2. If you want to post about how your views of magic are expressed in your world(s), we suggest starting a new thread to discuss it.
  3. If you read something in one of the locked threads that you'd care to respond to, pm the person who posted it and carry on your discussions there.
  4. Brush your teeth after every meal to keep plaque from developing in the forums :D
We are not trying to limit expression of your ideas, or to control what you say. We just want to see new discussions start that can keep moving all of us along the path to writing Godly fantasy.
In Christ,


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