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 Post subject: Valar: Manwe
PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:02 am 
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A chain of silver, that binds the earth as a spiders strand binds a fly.
A raindrop that falls on the growing tip of a towering fir or cedar.
The point of every weapon in the world, and the flight of every arrow.
A lighthouse in the sky.
A thrown javelin that breaks the sound barrier.
The collar of a long, pure robe; the collar obscured by hurricane lashed hair.
The minarets of a mosque.
Lightning from the plains of clouds on the height of a thunderhead, flying up into outer space.
Grinding glass to fine powder between the fingers.
Singing a clear song to urge the hounds on the scent.
The stone foundation beneath the soil shattering like glass shattering at the sound of a shout.
Rain and hail from a cloud so high in the sky that it cannot be seen.
The roar of a lion with one eye.
A sentient wind that pierces the still air like an arrow piercing the sail of a ship.
Looking up through ten thousand yards of flawless glass.
A single point of a crown, the foremost point.
A furbished broadsword flying through a sunlit sky.
Children holding hands, dancing in a ring.
A field of newly springing wheat.
Kissing the shaft of a spear.
An older brother.
A pyramid higher than any other, but with no tomb inside. A pyramid, a path into the sky.
Wielding the reins of the chariot of the planets.

The eye that sees, the voice that speaks.
The angel of creation.
The shaft of a towering lance, lowered with a thousand others in a cavalry charge that streams over level grass.
The forests are the plumes of his fan.
A cup forever being filled.
The point of a raised longsword.
A singing wind, ringing the world as if the world were a single strand of an aeolian harp.
Staring straight into the sun, the pupils dilating rather than contracting.
The upper rim of a tall shield.
The hand that bends the longbow, to loose the rains on the earth.
A searing heat that does not burn or blister the skin.
The cry of an eagle falling from the darkness between the stars.
A chieftain at the head of the long banqueting table, with every seat filled.
A vastly long cloak, that yet does not drag on the ground.
Using the crown of an emperor as a ring on a slender hand.
The Archangel Michael.
Sauron, the searching eye in the high tower, with winged servants.
The echo of a voice that returns a thousand years after the voice speaks.
The entire upheaval of an eruption, from the silence before to the silence after, completed within the space of time of a gunshot.
Looking up the length of a long trumpet raised to be sounded.
A city at night: the gate opens a crack, and a beam of light shines the length of the entire city.
The angel on the top of the family Christmas tree.
Together with Elbereth, the face of the universe.

(Note that while Morgoth was Manwe’s rival in power and authority, Sauron was Manwe’s evil counterpart in nature.)

What do you think?
What parts stand out to you? Does it give you any ideas? Do you have a question about some part? Does any of it remind you of something?

Please critique!

These are other essence maps of the Valar:
The Valar

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I Corinthians 11:1

May Sir Emeth Mimetes find you doing this.
Thank you, in Gods name, thank you.

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