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 Post subject: The Twelve Scepters Series - Scepter Powers
PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 6:41 pm 
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Now for the magical powers...

The 12 stones were placed in equal distances around the kingdom, protecting them from outside threats. Each stone has a unique power. These are the powers.

Red - Fire : He can shoot fireballs or concentrated lasers from the tip of his scepter.
Orange – Changes elements to copy known minerals, or form entirely new objects by mixing elements.
Yellow - Mind reader: I'm not sure if there are limitations on who's mind can be read, if it is only the enemy or anyone. Danger here is mindreading sorceresses who plant evil dreams in their minds as a defense.
Pink - Shield against Shofar: Creates shield that repels any Shofar, and for the weaker ones can turn them away (combination of pink and yellow). The Pinkton scepter was crucial at the end of the Dark Age to preventing the Fateals from spreading darkness over the rest of the world, stopping them at about half by posting guards around the continents.
Green – Animal control? Like the shepherd of a field? Strengthened most when surrounded by grass. In advanced study, this scepter has the power to mutate DNA.
Teal – Water power, both for rain and bodies of water. Can take water from stone or cause rain to fall to help crops.
Blue - Burst of energy: Can be used to repel gravitational force if he is falling, or even just to knock back enemies.
Purple - Vision: This is a form of scouting and increases in difficulty with time and distance.
Maroon - Healing: This takes the most strength, and the converse is that he must feel the pain of who he is healing. Bringing people back from the dead is still a question...
White - Light: One of the Shofar powers is sight in darkness, so part of their magic (utilized by the Noc Vakti - more on them later) is to create vast spans of darkness so their enemies can't see them coming. This power is stronger than that and creates a lit area in which to fight back. Maintaining the light is difficult over time.
Silver - Mindswipe: He uses his scepter like a sword that cuts through the air, as if it could reach twelve feet past the tip and he controls this power using his mind so it is only on when he wants it on, but he also feels resistance from the other end, so he does tire if he cuts through a lot of things.
Brown - Earth movement: He can bring down sections of the ceiling where he finds weaknesses (like cracks), but at first he doesn't have much control so he is careful when he uses this power. He can also lift rocks, but that is much harder and extenuating.

• Children develop varying levels of their family’s power, but over time those powers become farther removed from the Guardian. Once a new Guardian is chosen, the power is renewed in his children. Intermarriage creates bi-powered children. An example of a Silv marrying Broone would create children who have both earth moving powers and mindswipe – a deadly combination. The husband and wife share powers when they are in close proximity if the wife is a direct generational descendant of a Guardian.

• Do all children have some of their parent’s power, with some having naturally more than others?
• Are their powers stronger, the closer they are to the Guardian? Scepter?
• What if one person is limited to using one scepter at a time?
o This would mean, when Harok invades Kaitubae, that he tries to hold both scepters at once. The result would be like being struck with lightening. He would then give the scepter to his wife Belinra, but when she takes it, her heart morphs the power to evil and darkness.
o This would also mean that her children would have both powers, but if one takes the scepter they only have the power of the scepter.
 Belinra’s children would then have the power to create darkness, so when they attack, it would be multiple fronts of black skies.
 The only way to see past this darkness is with the white scepter, but since Belinra has it, only the Kaitu and his children have the power to see. They need the Pinkton scepter to actually repel the magic. Placing Pinkton guards around the coast was the only way to keep the darkness from spreading. By the time they realized this, half the world was already covered.
o This would create a system where some might not want the scepter, because they enjoy their multiple powers.
• After the Darkness spreads, the Faithful will go underground or at least in hiding in pockets of light. If the scepter is returned to an ancestor, does all of his siblings get the power or just him and his children?
o Him and his children have greater strength naturally, but siblings increase their strength in proximity to him and his scepter.

- Timotheus
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 Post subject: Re: The Twelve Scepters Series - Scepter Powers
PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 5:03 pm 

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