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 Post subject: Hope Velasco Faerwald (Daughter of a Thousand Suns)
PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2015 3:07 am 

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Name: Hope Velasco Faerwald (Faerwald is pronounced Fair-wald, like walk)
Age: 17 at the start of the story
Role: Protagonist
Species: Human/Yllren Hybrid (Cross-reference: viewtopic.php?f=1)
Human: Hope stands a bit on the short side, at about 5 foot 3 inches, with an average build. Not Hollywood-skinny. Her hair is dark brown and her eyes are caramel colored, with somewhat short eye-lashes. She tends to wear her hair back in a braid and behind her shoulder to stay out of the way. Skin is also darker in shade and she has freckles across her face. Face claim is actress Ara Celi.
Yllren: In features, she is identical to her human form, although less detailed. No freckles or the like, because she doesn't have skin. Her body transforms into semi-liquid crystal that, in most situations, is aquamarine in tint. Hair tends to flame a little bit and she shines. Hope does have some control over the brightness and can diminish it to nothing or raise it to near blinding intensity. More intense usage does drain her of energy, however, which must be replenished through intense sunshine.

Her mother is a Mexican immigrant to the United States living in Utah. Her father was/is a Yllren general taking an extended leave of absence on Earth as a Costa Rican immigrant also in Utah. When Hope was born, they moved to a smaller town to raise her. Her father was going to stay, altering his appearance until it became reasonable for him to seemingly die . Then he would return home and resume his duties. Unfortunately, he was discovered by his enemies and he had to flee, leaving very easy to spot trail to follow to protect his wife and five year old daughter. Before he did, however, he took his wife through a Fold so she would understand. She understood why he had to leave, but it shattered her mind in the process. Upon the return, she appeared to have Delusional Disorder, but it was never found out, as she moved her and her daughter somewhere else.

Hope grew up this way for twelve years, maturing far too quickly to take care of herself and her mother. That lead her to a natural instinct to look after others and help them. Unfortunately, she never understood why her father left and disbelieved her stories about the truth of her father. So that also made her a very angry individual that she expressed through getting into fights, allegedly to protect others, but she often caused them to escalate through her intervention.

Then when she was seventeen, her own Yllren heritage began to come to life. This was expedited by the arrival of individuals hunting her and a last-minute rescue by her paternal aunt sent to retrieve her and tell her about her true identity. However, too large of an enemy force was sent to capture her and Hope's aunt again had to lead them away. In the meantime, she left Hope under the care of Ouska in the world of Ainaan for her basic education and training, since he can not be sensed by other Yllren, being human, but still has the knowledge and power to protect Hope.

Angry at being abandoned again, Hope stays for a while, with her frustration simmering, before catching wind of an attempt to stop the invasion of the Cernai empire. So, she packs her stuff and runs off to aid them, eventually becoming the leader.

Things beyond that point for a while are sort of sketchy, but the prince of the Cernai empire (Llyddagh) falls in love with her, makes sure as much as he can that she doesn't die. Hope is enslaved and sent to construct a wall on the Western frontier to defend against Mariyan raiders. She forms a cohort of other slaves and escapes, fleeing towards Rhoronen. They get there and hide out in the canyons for a while.

Then Ouska comes and finds her, summoning her and her folks to war because Krecks are attacking for the first time in centuries. She goes, only to find out that their main ally will be the Cernai, led by Llyddagh and his father. She wants to leave, but can't because her sense of duty as the only Yllren representative available, keeps her there. War happens. Hope does not fall in love with Llyddagh.

So, still fuzzy. Working on fine tuning details and the like.

"Haven't I fallen enough?" She asked, head drooping to rest on the copper-black armor that once gleamed with starlight' white fire. "Must I betray my oath one more time to save these people I have betrayed and oppressed?"

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