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 Post subject: Valar: Elbereth
PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:18 am 
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A tall mirror in a dark room.
The flight of a white owl.
A pox and plague afflicting the darkness.
A field of flowers blooming in the night.
Glistening along the very edge of a vast sword that is not there.
White hairs that appear one by one over the last years of a revered sage.
A silent, subterranean river which secretly feeds tens of thousands of small springs.
A long arrow piercing a stone wall.
Embroidering with exquisite detail the solemn robes of a dying man.
Stepping into water without creating ripples.
A key: the darkness of night as its keyhole.
Whispering into the ear of a sleeping champion.
A flying eagle singing like a nightingale.
“As the eyes of a maiden, unto the hand of her mistresse.”
A word that melts iron.
As children cry to their mother.
The dreams in the night that make the sun rise in the dawn.

The light that shines, the ear that hears.
A drop of water falling down a bottomless pit.
Hot water in a thin stream down your bare back.
The heart of a statue in the night.
A handful of icy water.
White hot steel pouring down a black lava-rock formation.
A mantle laid on the shoulders of a cold traveller.
Falling to your face with thirst, and finding a spring of water rising in between your very lips.
A waterfall whose top cannot be seen, yet it pours smoothly like water poured from a pitcher into a cup without a sound.
A low shudder as the keening note of an otherworldly song reaches the innermost chambers of the soul.
A glance that wakes men from sleep.
The sound of a footstep that makes your skin sing.
Joy that makes your hair rise.
A child trembling with excitement.
The sound of swift stream so far in the sky that it can only be heard, and not seen.
Holding the hands of an entire army at one time.
Together with Manwe, the face of the universe.

What do you think?
What parts stand out to you? Does it give you any ideas? Do you have a question about some part? Does any of it remind you of something?

Please critique!

These are other essence maps of the Valar:
The Valar

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Thank you, in Gods name, thank you.

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