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 Post subject: Valar: Vaire
PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:59 am 
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Pillared halls of an ancient forest.
The silence closed within a wardrobe.
All the thoughts and memories that fill the mind, waiting to be thought, or remembered.
A cornucopia.
A crown made of hair.
Gazing into the eyes of an ancient man who sleeps with his eyes open.
An eagle gliding silent and high out of sight, never coming lower.
A deaf man watching a mountainous cloud move through the sky.
A finger growing old through thousands of years within and never leaving the circle of a ring.
A stream of oil in a forsaken forest.
The cedars of the world.
The spreading fan antennae of a moth seeking a mate.
The lemniscate, sign of infinity.
A firm girdle.
The mark on the forehead.
A lichen spotted stone wall.
The shade of palms.
The lamppost in lantern waste.
A rainbow in the evening.
An immeasurably vast city, which is a single library.
Luke, the writer of the Gospel according to Luke, and The Acts of the Apostles.
A regal butterfly that flies as high as an eagle.
An egg, inside of which beings live and reproduce and grow in population and fight and die and dream, and the egg never hatches.
The freemasons.
A mask made in perfect replication of the face that wears it.
A lucid dream.
A sand storm that towers to the midst of the sky.
A wandering waif, who never begs.
Feathers wound in the nest of a vacant eyrie.
Standing outside Newgrange.
The satchel carried by a travelling physician.
The breaking of the sea on the shore, never weary, never resting.
Pressing the hands together in a wide field.
The staff of a wizard.
The book of Zechariah.
Grisaille or monochrome pictures.

What do you think?
What parts stand out to you? Does it give you any ideas? Do you have a question about some part? Does any of it remind you of something?

Please critique!

These are other essence maps of the Valar:
The Valar

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I Corinthians 11:1

May Sir Emeth Mimetes find you doing this.
Thank you, in Gods name, thank you.

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