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 Post subject: Valar: Lorien
PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 12:09 pm 
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Sunlight shining through closed eyelids.
The warping network of shadows on a shallow seafloor.
A tree letting pine-needles fall like leaves in autumn.
Avoiding a sweeping sword cut.
The ticking of a clock in a house that has no clock.
Hearing the roaring of a forest fire in the distance.
The sound of scissors cutting locks of hair.
The silent movement of an ant’s feet.
An invisible arrow shooting by among tree branches.
A sieve full of water, yet not a drop falls from it.
The shadow of a tall tree across a pool.
A river so deep that a forest of pines and firs grow high from the river bed, and sway in the spring flood.
The auns of wild oats.
The ground seeming to drift beneath you like a ship at anchor.
The following the footprints of a sleepwalker in the day.
A hand too heavy to lift.
A swarm of gnats inside an empty suit of armor.
The otter.
Lost in the labyrinth of someone’s ear.
The ground is sleeping.
A field of blue petaled sunflowers.
Hearing crickets singing, when you are far out to sea in a small coracle.
A still fog surrounds you, made of robed people so small they cannot be seen; they all begin to sing quietly.
Eyelashes white with age.
Floating in a pool, whose rim cannot be seen in any direction: a pool that is an unblinking eye.
Powder so fine that even without a touch of wind it rises in the air like candle smoke.
Drinking oil from a wide, silver bowl.
A sleeping golem.
Letting your hair fall loose on a mantle.
A feather falling from a bird too high in the sky to be seen.
A stream trickling through the hand as a stream would trickle through the valleys of a deep wood.
Walking along the back edge of a sword across a chasm so deep that the roaring whitewater at the bottom is too far to be heard.
A green branch in token of peace.

What do you think?
What parts stand out to you? Does it give you any ideas? Do you have a question about some part? Does any of it remind you of something?

Please critique!

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The Valar

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