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 Post subject: The Valar
PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 12:36 pm 
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A rose that ever remains in the bud, but in the mind blooms greater than any rose.
The thousand year old child.
A comet greater than the moon.
A man endlessly tracking an immeasurable army across a plain turned to dust by their tread.
A round, iron shield braced against a stream of dragon’s fire.
The kris plant.
The demeanor and appearance of an ancient carob tree (locust tree).
The appearance of mountains in a range.
Long robes and Nazarite hair, a circle of men.
The outline of a continent.
The eye subtract (Sauron).
Men and women of many descents, Asian, European, Native American, African, standing in the dark, staring down, out, and up, at a terrible light.
A great, dim whirlpool, floating mist obscuring the darkness of its pit.
Cowls of pure, sterile, unchangable, unpassable, blinding white snow spread on the heights of mountains.
The sapient presence of a mountain.
The awful meaning of a mountain.
Moving, voiceless spirits of unfathomable height.
A mighty hammer.
A warhammer.
A great mask of power, frowning under its own weight like huge gates of an impregnable fortress.
A vast game of Go, a game of Go vast like the ocean.
Choirs of millions of voices.
Latin choir.
A great vineyard.
A grape vine.
Mystery: a potato crop.
Lying down looking down into the blackness of a round, volcanic well, hearing rumblings in its remotest depths.
Eyes so wide they are perfectly round, gleaming back the dim light in a dark, uncertain face.
A ceramic plate shattered by a central stroke of a heavy mallet.
A cloudless, starless sky at night and wolves echoing howls far away at your left.
A bearded man roars like a lion.
A wagon rocks and lurches to and fro as it rolls down a steep, grassy mountainside.
Looking up a great, rocky slope of a mountain range that rises from level, dark green forests to an invisible height: the walls of the fair land.
A long, trailing V of birds, high in the heaven.
An old, fierce, hideous man screaming with an eagles scream.
A great hand lifted/raised in command.
The circle of crater lake with wizard island.
Great, warped, split blocks of obsidian on a high hillside flashing in the sun.
A perfect fountain of shining red flame arcing out in all directions from the mouth of an Icelandic volcano at night.
A stack of hardback books, with dark, slick covers.
Long fingernails on the pink fingertips of a pale, slender, soft hand, with wrinkled skin.
A heavy torch, with a tapering wooden handle.
A procession in the black night bearing torches.
A burning effigy of a giant.
A mighty drinking horn, pouring forth red fires.
The scene of the bedroom fire in Jane Eyre.
The scene of the burning of the Thornfield mansion.
A little cloud coming out of the sea, like a man’s hand.
A faceless doll with unraveled thread hair.
Being kicked and beaten with fists and clubs.
A droplet sized sphere of diamond, pulverized by the blow of a smith's hammer.
A colossal, stone statue which breaks apart and falls slowly down a hillside.
A fringe of a towering, black cloud canopy blocking out the sun.
A river reversing its course.
A huge, black cloak.
The staff of a spear like a weavers beam.
Storming the trenches in World War II with sharpened shovels rather than bayonets.
A candle blown out in a room where a dead man lies.
A mighty, horned helm.
The span of a groidons wings.
The angle of a drawn bowstring with a long arrow.
A strand of human hair stretched taut before it snaps.
A man splitting a stack a thick planks with the side of his hand.
The rod of Aaron that budded, blossomed, and yielded almonds.
A crowned skeleton wearing a bit and bridle, whose reigns are held by an unseen man in the darkness behind; the skeleton holds in his right hand a net, and in his left hand a pair of balances.
A smooth, hard brow framed by straight falling, dark hair.
A young girl with two braids skipping and dancing with her hands in the air.
A girls two, golden braids hanging down in front of her shoulders.
A crown of thorns.
The shadow of a short, pointed beard wagging on a stone wall.
The throat of a dragon, flowing with fire.
A man digging in a vast heap of black cinders for a child.
The black of an ostriches body.
The flash of a magicians eyes as he speaks the command and flicks the wand.
A shining, two handled cup, in whose polished depths you can see, wheeling and turning, a flock of black ravens, like a slow moving swarm of gnats.
A great, ancient stela, with letters cut straight, but faded by wind and sand.
A heavy throne, made of giant bones.
The skeleton of a giant.
The low groaning of a wide wind.
A heavy wreath of flowers on the head.
A great door frame made of rough, solid wood, the color and pattern of beet flesh, with thick, peeling bark like a beets rind.
A deep cauldron, in whose depths, if you look, you can see down on the earth, as if from high in the heavens.
A tall, thick staff, blackened, and rough, like charcoal, held by a knotted hand.
A heavy, spiked boot, worn by a giant.
The knees of a mighty man, below the hem of his kilt.
The sleeve burned from an ash smeared, but unharmed, woman’s arm.
The terrible, deep scars of a tear from thorns on a man’s strong arm.
The landslide and lateral blast of Mt. St. Helens.
A broad, straight road, paved with obsidian, going on and on and up, into the bright, colorless sky.
A ring of power on a wizened hand.
A pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.
The four horns of a wide altar or pyre on the height of a steep pyramid with many thousands of steps.
Golden hair braided into a crown braid.
A head hung down by a great weight of long, heavy, black hair.
The sweeping beam of a light house in the dark night of a gale.
A long broadsword with an edge that cracks stone, and a point that pierces stone.
A sword with a large, round, many faceted, clear gem as its pommel.
A mans face broken by the blow of the pommel of a great sword.
A sword with three small, clear gems on the cross guard that shine with blinding light.
The rhythmic tremors of the ground caused by a distant army of hundreds of thousands of tall men marching in perfect step.
The triple banks of oars of the ships of a large fleet.
The embrace in the bosom of a mother, who encloses a child in her arms.
The violent opening of a fissure in the throes of an earthquake.
The feel of a blow of the rod of chastisement.
A snow avalanche like a blossoming cloud whipping along the ground like a flight of arrows at eye level.
A mountainous dust storm, an ordered host of men marching into it, beating drums.
A man with a ringing, echoing voice singing the Psalms, and striding through the uncut lawns of the wilderness.
A lions single roar, that goes on, and on, until the lion slays a man.
An hourglass with no sand in it.
A clock without hands.
A sword broken in two parts.
A blackened teazel head.
Beowulf wielding the giants blade.
David wielding Goliath's sword.
A lamprey with white wings.
Abbadon, or in the Greek tongue Apollyon.
The silent and cruel eyes of the great owl.
An underground, undersea fault line, building tension till the end of the world.
The column of the cloud of an erupting volcano.
The great book, in which the world is written.
A bat spreading its wings and gliding out over a smooth river at night.
A vast, faded, Oriental carpet, on which hundreds of thousands of feet have stood, and on which no man stands anymore.
The eyes of Tutankhamen's death mask.
The darkness of the womb.
The darkness of the deep waters.
The mixing of the waters of the Amazon.
The long baying of a lord of werewolves in wolf form.
The scarred surface of the moon.
A high, pure, frigid, mountain lake.
Great ice floes breaking up in a wide river.
A long arc of a rainbow over a wide dry river valley.
The shape of a pentagon.
An endless knot of power and beauty.
A lemniscate, that is, a figure eight.
A sweet trumpet cry strong enough to quiver the grass of the plains, shake the roots of the forests, and cause avalanches in all the mountains.
A vast water wheel.
The beam of light on the floor of NewGrange.
A flagon of dark, steaming fluid.
A lost city in the heights of a mountain range.
A dark man vanishing into the fog in the city at night.
A cut lip.
A severed finger.
A high waterfall crashing on the top of a great, black rock.
A story that does not make sense..
The Streels of Urtah
The complete ziggurat of Ur.
A giant bear raised, standing on its hind legs like a man, in a mountain field.
A harpist with long, white hair, with wisps of hair in his fingers, and trailing across his face, as he sits with his vast harp leaning on his breast.
A man with a long beard, and a long cloak cast about his naked body, embracing a great wheel, which is taller than a man.
A white horse, with white mane and tail.
A gyroscope balancing at an angle on the point of a dark cone.
The V shape in water made by the open mouth of an evil, charging beast.
A gray white, fur mantle on wide shoulders.
A leaning tower.
Looking up a high, swelling wall, about to give way.
Looking up at a tall boxer, in the dim light.
A great swell that heaves up over the lip of a cliff nearly at water level, in the evening of a storm.
The curve of the two stacks of the pages of a very thick book laid open, under a dim lamp.
The towering Statue of Liberty.
The seven rayed crown of the Statue of Liberty.
A wave that breaks on the rocks, throwing a wedge of white water to the height of a tower.
A shaft of sunlight in the morning falling on a loose knit white blanket spread on a bed.
A bottle of fragrance with a handful of rods resting in it.
The tombs of Giants.
Straight like a scythe.
The shining drop of water at the center of radiating lupine leaves.
The great horned owls deadly, imperious glance from standing over his nest at night.
A dim lamp in a dark room seen from a narrow hall.
David and Goliath.
Tall wheat, towering wheat.
A long arrow in full, level flight.
Bright Cold.
Shattered shadows.
Shivering world.
Shadows of lips.
Filling the winds.
Colletia paradoxa.
Cork oak.
Young lance wood.
Dark primrose.

What do you think?
What parts stand out to you? Does it give you any ideas? Do you have a question about some part? Does any of it remind you of something?

Please critique!

These are other essence maps of the Valar:

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I Corinthians 11:1

May Sir Emeth Mimetes find you doing this.
Thank you, in Gods name, thank you.

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