Forum Rules


  1. Forum Purpose and Mission

    1. To glorify God by our conduct, displaying the light of Christ's transforming power, and being a witness to all of the transcendent nature of our God. Therefore, the first pillar of our forum is Godliness.

    2. To exemplify an exceptionally good quality and maturity in all our interaction, showing God's standards of excellence written on our hearts. Therefore, the second pillar of our forum is Quality.

    3. To maintain an atmosphere of loving and considerate restraint from worldly, ungodly, or fleshly licentiousness. We will strive always to make our forum be safe for people of any age, gender, or reasonable sensitivities. Therefore, the third pillar of our forum is Purity.

    4. To help each and every person who has the opportunity to interact with this forum to come away encouraged, blessed, equipped, and exhorted for God's service. Therefore, the fourth pillar of our forum is Exhortation.

  2. Forum Focus

    1. This forum is here to help Christian writers of fantasy fiction in particular, and fiction in general, to learn, be equipped, encouraged, exhorted, and helped in their Godly endeavor.

    2. We are here to learn what it is that makes writing Christian, and how we are to go about attaining that goal. We want always to glorify God in our writing, and to serve His kingdom ably.

    3. The forum exists also for the purpose of fostering Christian relationships centered on the effort to create God-honoring art, both in writing and the visual arts.

  3. Guidelines for Content and Conduct

    1. All new threads and posts need to be within the forum focus, and designed to encourage intelligent and Godly discussion.

    2. No content may be posted that is in any way derogatory, antagonistic, attacking, or in any other way not Christ-like towards another person. Disagreement is fine, but assault is not.

    3. All content, in any medium (including private messages, posts, chats, blog posts, or any other forum communication) should reflect maturity and thought, contributing to the topic at hand or starting a worthwhile new one. Fun, teasing, celebrations, and other such recreational community are encouraged, but should be limited to the rooms that specifically allow it.

    4. The practice of "bumping" a topic (posting single word or extremely short responses in order to move a topic to the top of the thread list) is forbidden. If you wish to bring attention to a thread or post, write a thought-out, meaningful reply.

    5. All content should not only be free of vice, but productive and edifying to its readers. Something may be of good quality, pure, and godly even, but still not be very useful. This kind of content should be avoided.

      1. This rule extends also to links posted within threads. Links to threads with content that would not be acceptable on the Holy Worlds forums as per the rules or rulings of the forum team must be marked as such to warn users. Any directly embedded material, such that it is visible without following a link, must adhere to these rules. The forum team has the authority to remove any links or embeds that are considered too highly objectionable to be affiliated with Holy Worlds.

      2. Swear words and other such offensive language have no place on the forums, and will be removed by the forum team on sight.

      3. On this same vein, while substitute swear words or words related to swear words will not be immediately edited out, we do discourage the usage of them if at all possible. If such a word best fits what you wish to convey in your post, please note that we are at liberty to regulate excess amounts of such words and the general tone conveyed in the post with usage of such words. Our goal in Holy Worlds is to create a positive and uplifting culture. Please consider this when using substitute swear words or the like.

    6. The forum team asks also that text-slang (such as l33t and srsly) and other such word substituents be kept to a minimum in the forums. Symbols like <3 or common abbreviations like lol or fyi are acceptable, though their use should not be extensive.

    7. Proper attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, paragraphs, and focus should always be given to each post. The point is not how many posts you make, but how much effort you put into each post.

    8. Members can either upload their own avatars or choose one from the public galleries. All avatars should glorify God. If something would be inappropriate to post on the forums, it is inappropriate to post graphically as an avatar.

      1. No human or humanoid figures of any kind are allowed. That means no android robots, knights in armor, dwarves, etc. The only part of a human that you are permitted to include in an avatar is a human hand or a human eye.
      2. Graphic violence, suggestive imagery, and foul language are not permitted.
      3. Licensed images and logos are discouraged for copyright reasons. Avatars that promote another website are not permitted, except by the express permission of the Council.
      4. Animated images ("GIFs") are not permitted. Only .jpg and .png files are allowed.
      5. Avatars should promote the essence and overall appearance of the site. Avatars should not be distracting. We discourage flat "clip art" style images for this reason. The forum team reserves the right to remove an avatar for any reason.
    9. Art Gallery Rules:

      1. All avatars should glorify God. If something would be inappropriate to post in the forums, it is inappropriate to post graphically as an avatar.
      2. All creations posted in this gallery are copyrighted © by the artist at the date of its posting at the latest, unless noted as under a different license, and not infringing on the rights of the original artists in instances of free use or fair use.
      3. As regards modesty in creations for the Art Gallery, the forum team remains the final authority, particularly the Art Gallery Moderators. This team evaluates all posted art on the following guidelines:
        1. All humans are required to be covered from the neck to the knees and not be in romantic poses such as kissing.
        2. Bare shoulders are acceptable, provided the shirt (or chest covering) has a collar (or covers the neck area), and likewise, shirts without collars should cover the shoulders.
        3. The Art Gallery Moderators are also permitted to choose to not allow any other art which they consider inappropriate to post, whether due to excessive gore, violence, suggestivity, or any other quality they deem inappropriate.
    10. Importing emoticons from other websites or other sources is prohibited in order to protect the atmosphere and security of the forum.

    11. Changing one's username to resemble or match that of another member is prohibited. The same goes for changing one's default user group for the purpose of imitating another member or causing undue confusion. The only exception to these is during forum-team sanctioned pranks, such as regularly occur on April 1st. Forum team members are forbidden to use their ability to edit chat posts except in moderator related tasks and on their own posts. The "summons" feature is to be used only for the purpose of getting the attention of specific members with whom you especially want to communicate. "Mass summoning" is not permitted.

    12. A valid email address is required for registering to the forums. However, such information is not to be used to contact other users without their explicit permission. Contacting a user via the address they provide for Holy Worlds constitutes spam, which is not to happen on the forums, especially in regard to non-Holy Worlds related topics. The forum team does, though, reserve the right to use the email addresses provided as an alternative means for contacting users.

    13. The forum team understands that Holy Worlds, as a network of similarly-minded Christians, does also naturally encourage the sharing of prayer-requests with fellow users. Due to the difficulty of doing so in public without lapsing into gossip or unrestrained tale-telling, the forum team requests that no threads be made for the sharing of prayer requests. Instead, a system has been created for the sharing of prayer requests. The "Warriors of the Worlds Prayer Partnering" organization is designed to help semi-privately share prayer requests where members can be held personally accountable. Membership is voluntary and granted upon request by posting in the respective thread in the General Discussion room on each of the various HW forums.

    14. The forum team is the authority, and its decisions should be regarded as final. If you feel that a lower ranking forum team has misjudged a situation, you are welcome to contact him privately about it. If he maintains his position, then contact an administrator, who will deal with the situation.

    15. Be willing to accept disagreement, and refrain from embarking upon debates, however much you may enjoy them. These tend to be divisive, for even if you might be able to refrain from becoming angry and bitter from a hot dispute, others might not be able to. Please always avoid angry arguments, but rather seek to first listen, then understand, then to sympathize, and only then seek to make your own position more clearly understood. Most arguments are merely misunderstandings.

    16. The Bible is always our highest authority. If you do not believe in the complete inspiration, inerrancy, and preservation of the Scriptures, then this forum is not your place.

  4. Organization of Forum

    1. In the forum there is a profound difference between private messages, chats, posts in threads, and posts on the blog. The difference is that a private message is private, personal, informal, and unmoderated. These can be sent on any topic, at any time, and to anyone (within the bounds of the permissions that apply). A post is required to maintain a clear thought and stay on-topic. So if one person says something, and you want to comment about what he said that is not directly pertinent to the main topic, then you must do it in a private message, not in a post. Remember, however, that private messages, however much unmoderated, need to be constrained to the standards that this forum upholds. Posting on the blog is reserved for finished work pertaining to the site's purpose.

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