Metaphors (Originally called Elements)

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Metaphors (Originally called Elements)

"Elements are simply different ways of articulating the nature of the attribute that it is in. They can either be abstract and nebulous, concrete and precise, or indirect and allegorical. There are only a few that we use, but they can be as powerful and as flexible as you have the skill to use them. There are six main kinds: color, color pair, color triad, description (a sentence, paragraph, or even a poem), percentage, or a reference. A reference is really a reference to a whole or partial essence of something else (or even another part of the same essence). These can be precise or abstract, depending on what you want. The color elements were actually the foundation of our original essence system, and are very useful, although somewhat subjective. A color is a single color taken as itself, a color pair is two colors taken together (not mingled), and a color triad is three colors taken together (also not mingled). If that makes no sense, that is fine, just use it, and it will make more sense."

Elements are surrounded by parenthesis normally, but can be separated by commas in some situations (where there are no commas in the content), or by other delimiters.

If you have any questions or suggestions for elements, please feel free to mention them.

"Classes are specific, allegorical aspects of the metaphor that encloses them. Examples are: light, depth, density, motion, image/sight, scent, sound, texture, taste, balance, complexity, beauty, size, etc."

Classes have the following syntax: identifier [ content ]

If you have any questions or comments for classes, please say so. :)


Edited by White Raven to clarify terms:
METAPHOR NAME {Metaphor [Class (element)

ASPECT {Qualifier [Characteristic (metaphor)

....BODY {Motion [Speed (quivering flags)
..............................(the flirt of butterfly wings)]}

This post is in reference to Elements (old terms) or Metaphors (new terms.)
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Re: Metaphors (Originally called Elements)

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