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Re: TGS - Mara

Tim Ward wrote:In my novel, The General's Shadow, I have creatures called mara, which came out of the blue and open up an interesting genre mash if I keep them as they were conceived. I'm wondering if they are a good addition because their existence changes my sci-fi novel to a mix of sci-fi and fantasy.

The mara are polar bears with panther-like agility. They are powerful predators when needed, but can be domesticated into transportation animals. They are carnivores.

Here's where the idea gets tricky: What if they were created by God specifically to defeat the Osuna? The Osuna are a branch of humanity married to technology through implants connected to their neuronet system. The mara's special ability is an EMP blast similar to a porcupine but with magnetism.

I'm wondering if this is a cobha ability or if I should stick to science. If it is cobha, then I become more fantasy in genre by having the Rucien become more vbsspiritually powered in contrast to the machine culture of the Osuna. I'm not trying to say machines are bad, but this may be star wars like sf, where God's people have animals that He designed with match their power base and help them in their battle against those who killed His Son (Cien). Instead of Jedi with telekinetic powers, I could create powers more fantastic than just the teaching/serving powers believers are given in the Bible.

Is it heretical to have powers given to animals to help people? How about this connection where the mara are hostile towards Osuna, but friendly towards those with the Spirit in them.

The mara may only be on this planet, and in a way this accident that led them here becomes a testimony to God's great plan for his people (the Rucien).

I don't think you should limit yourself to stay within a certain genre. This is where labels and schooling hinder a writer IMO. Just write the story as you see it.
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Re: TGS - Mara

I agree that we should write the story as it comes to us, and I did. There is technology, but some creatures with fantastic powers. Nowadays genre mashups are more common. My first book was a blend of fantasy, adventure, sf, and horror (monsters). I think that is just what I like to write.

Do you write a mixture of genres?

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