What's a Chickenfish?

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What's a Chickenfish?

In the tropical oceans of the planet Apeslugger there lives a creature called a Chickenfish, which actually isn't a fish at all, it's a crustacean! Living on the floors of coral reefs it requires the protection of its shell from larger bottom feeders and, possessing six shrimp-like legs, it can rear up on its back ones and use the other four to fight. It also has a bird like beak for breaking open the shells of other crustaceans, as well as its favorite food Sea Monkeys, which it lures to its underwater cave by cleverly disguising it as banana pudding and when the Sea Monkeys arrive it comes from its hiding place and with a jump and slightly gurgled squawk (due to being underwater) it captures its meal. Now when someone says "Now THAT'S a Chickenfish", you know it means that something was either very clever or it's awesome banana pudding.
So there ya' go. that's a Chickenfish. :D

Description: An off-white or brown crustacean possessing a turtle like head, bird like beak, six legs, and shell.
When standing on its hind legs it resembles a chicken, hence the name: Chickenfish.

If there are any questions I'll answer them when (and if) I can.
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Re: What's a Chickenfish?

Nice creation. ^_^ The banana pudding part makes me think of it in a more lighthearted sense, as though in a comedy (or similarly light style), though I suppose you could make it sound more scientific to fix this, if so desired.

How exactly does the chickenfish fight with its four legs? Claws of some sort? How does it use its legs? (Does it flail them wildly and move forward, does it circle slowly looking for an opening for a knockout blow, et cetera.) Are its four fighting legs different from its two other legs?

How exactly does its banana pudding hideout look/work? It hides inside, yes? Is there some sort of door, or is it a kind of clay that the chickenfish bursts from and then after the attack reforms?

How much detail are you going for here? ;)

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