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How Much is too Much?

The main character of my current project has turned out to be somewhat of a cyborg while being more robotic than human. As I go through her abilities and robotic functions, I've been worrying that she's too advanced. So far she is the only robotic character, though robots are a common element of her world. Is it frustrating for readers when the main character is a lot more physically advanced than the other characters? Or do emotional or mental flaws even the playing field sufficiently?

The character I am working with is the result of an experiment to join a robotic right brain with a human left brain. As a result, the character's emotions and creativity have been mostly dampened to the point that she acts like an android. After it was discovered that she lacked key human qualities, she was modified to be sold as a robotic soldier.
Currently, she is able to access anything on the internet through the robotic side of her brain. She is also able to withstand a larger span of temperatures than a human and her bones are reinforced to be stronger that two times those of a human. Beyond the intentional modifiers, she is also faster, and more precise in her movements due to the robotics.

In an attempt to keep her from mostly invincible status, she still has human organs, muscles, and physical limitations. To be physically fit, she has to train the way any human might. She can also be injured the way a human might and she heals well, however, she tends to avoid simple injuries such as scrapes or bruises. The only times she is injured is when someone intentionally tries to harm her. She has social flaws as well due to her lack of emotions, but she still understands emotions, which lets her interact with humans without too much trouble.

Do you guys think this is an acceptable balance of robotic human characteristics? I want her to be an unnaturally capable character, but I don't want her to be annoying to read. Thank you for any input :)
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