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12 Months, 12 Character Interviews -May

This is a year-long writing challenge focusing on character development. The goal is for participants to complete one interview with one of their characters each month of the year. All who wish to participate will post a thread on the host forum's character development forum, and link it to that month's post in the quest/challenges forum. The thread will be your description and biography for the character.

Then the other participants, and any others who may simply be curious, will post questions on each thread for the individual characters. All those participating should ask at least two questions per character. To really stretch the author's knowledge of the characters, let's try and make them hard questions about their character. So, authors, you'll want to give other writers enough info in your introduction thread for them to use.

Authors will then write the interview up in any format they want and post the results either on their blog, or as a thread. Then the next month starts on a different forum for characters of that forum's genre.

So, in summary, this is a challenge for authors to really get to to know their characters. It will be hosted each month on a different HW forum, and will cycle between the three of them.

Those interested go ahead and say you'll participate here, and then post your character thread(s) for others to ask questions on. Then, type up your interview!

So...any questions?
"Haven't I fallen enough?" She asked, head drooping to rest on the copper-black armor that once gleamed with starlight' white fire. "Must I betray my oath one more time to save these people I have betrayed and oppressed?"